AZ Balalaika Orchestra at Tucson Meet Yourself

Come on down to the Tucson Meet Yourself  festival this weekend, and take in all the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of the many cultures that live and thrive in Tucson.  While you’re there, stop by the City Hall Stage at 1pm Saturday, Oct. 15, and see the Arizona Balalaika Orchestra perform some of our favorite gig pieces:

Black Shawl
Evo Banke/Basso — sung by Kathleen
Lara’s theme
Moscow Nights
Pig Ankle Rag
Karapets (Who stole the Kishka) — also sung by Kathleen
Raz Dva
Miserlou-Hava Nagila — with Dan on clarinet
Pod Dugoi
Sunrise, Sunset
Bright Moon


Immediately following the Arizona Balalaika Orchestra will be Odaiko Sonora, Japanese Taicho Drums!

Get the whole program here.


Be sure to mark your calendar for Nov. 12.  The Arizona Balalaika Orchestra will give a major performance, conducted by Dr. Alexander Tentser, sponsored by the Rincon Friends of Music.

Arizona Balalaika Orchestra Concert
Nov, 12, 4pm

Map & Location Details Here

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