Arizona Balalaika Orchestra newly modernized web site

Hello, and announcing the newly modernized web site for the Arizona Balalaika Orchestra, at It carries over some of the content from the original web site, but most importantly, its functionality is much improved. It has an Events Calendar, and has been bloggified, so that we can keep you more frequently up to date, orchestra members can contribute photos, articles, links, and sound bites, and anyone in the general public can also contribute comments.

Our email subscription system has also been updated from the old Yahoo system to a new automated method which sends out an email to subscribers whenever a new post is added. Subcribers from the Yahoo system have been transferred over, but each email comes with subscribe/unsubscribe options as well.

Another cool feature is that our headline posts now go out automatically over Twitter, so if you really really like us, you can even have our concert and gig announcements sent to your cell phone! Just follow us at

Stay tuned for our next gig announcement!