Russian Stacking Doll Arizona Balalaika Orchestra Russian Stacking Doll

The Arizona Balalaika Orchestra began in 1980 in Tucson, AZ as a small ensemble within the University of Arizona Russian Department. The group is a spirited, non-profit community folk orchestra, playing native Slavic instruments and wearing colorful costumes. It has toured throughout Arizona and Mexico.

The Orchestra's spectacular performances, with the Kalinka Russian Dancers and the Sons Of Orpheus Male Choir are nearly always sold out!

The Orchestra and Dancers number as many as 50, including vocalists and guest soloists from as far away as Moscow and Kiev. The Sons Of Orpheus male choir of 50 voices often perform with us.

Small ensembles also perform for festivals, churches, clubs, and other events, providing an evening of fascinating entertainment.

The Arizona Balalaika Orchestra is a member of the Balalaika and Domra Association of America (BDAA), which has annual conventions in North America and Russia. Tucson was host for this convention in 1989, and is hosting it again in 2004.

Sasha, Mia, & Grayson
(left to right) Sasha Tentser, guest conductor,
Mia Bulgarin Gay, founder & musical director,
Grayson Hirst, director of Sons of Orpheus
Nina, Agnes, & Olga Dan & Ariana last minute conductors' consultation Janet on Bass Domra Lu & Mark on Alto Domras Richard, Choreographer Grayson & Kathleen Genye (percussion) David on Alto Balalaika orchestra wide stage shot